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Shredding Is Good For The Environment

Technology is so cool, It has pushed the limits many times over these past few decades. Computers, the internet has grown leaps and bound that it has made the business landscape almost unrecognisable. But even with the changes in place, we still use paper. We reach for paper automatically, to note things, to write contracts with, to scribble dreams with.

Although using paper has significantly dropped compared to the past, paper seems to still find its way in the nookiest of crannies. The reason behind is not only is it handy and we are used to it. Our love affair with paper started centuries ago. And to most of us it is a love-hate kind of deal. Got an idea? Jot it down a post-it. Ran out of coffee? Put it on the grocery list. Where did all this waste paper come from? This is the hate part with paper, it usually is the trash, the waste paper. Everybody has a problem with paper clutter. Disposing of paper can take a toll when it is properly discarded, since everybody uses it, it can accumulate to great proportions.

Paper shredders, aside from being a convenient way to dispose of what is in your document, it let’s the clutter be in a manageable state for recycling, storing or compost. Once shredded, it can be compressed and stored in compact places. Paper that has been shredded can be recycled. Shredded paper can be made into paper towels, cardboard, greeting cards, printer paper and tissues / tissue paper. Recycling these into further consumer goods means less trees to be cut down. It may not look much but if we can save one less tree daily, it will be a lot in time. This is good for the environment, every little tree matters.

From whence a tree came, then shredded paper will go. Composting is another way the environment can benefit from shredded paper. Converting paper into compost material means less trash that goes to landfills. There is only so many times paper can be recycled, and some forms of paper not at all when soiled. Pizza boxes, egg cartons (which usually is a product of recycling), cardboard and other materials should be shredded for it to break down faster. A compost is composed of greens and browns, simple composting can be done almost anywhere and any household can initiate cultivating them. Composting is a great way of giving back to the environment. Not only will it give a good harvest, prettier flowers and abundant vegetables, it restores the nutrients to the land.

There are also long term benefits of adding compost to the soil. It improves soil quality, increases water retention as well as adds nutrients to the soil that gives better produce. Shredding the components for compost makes it easier to turn the materials so compost will break down faster and can be used immediately.

Shredding for the most part is used for security purposes. But with its part in breaking down paper and other materials, it sure does its part in making these materials compact and be used in other ways. And if it can help the environment, so much the better

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