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Paper Shredders In The Age of Technology

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Do we still need paper shredders in the age of technology where data and communication is made electronically? Is it still a good idea to shred documents and important papers?

The easy answer is yes, of course. Even at this day and age, where most communications are digital, there will always be things that are printed that can easily end up in the wrong set of hands. These can include junk mail, billing notices and other forms of hard copy communication. It is not only proper but also advisable that these be disposed of properly. A paper shredder helps keep your confidential papers stay confidential. Parcels and packages, bills and other paper materials that contain vital information that can be used by unethical people. It is the responsible thing to do. To be prudent and vigilant with official documents as well as those with pertinent details and seemingly innocent data that unscrupulous people can use for their wrong doings.

Its history traces itself in the early 1900s when a paper shredder patent was first filed in 1909 by Abbot Augustus Low who died soon after filing the patent. This incident made it impossible for the invention to be manufactured that year. In 1935, the paper shredder saw the light of day when Adolf Ehinger built one resembling that of a hand-crank pasta maker to shred fliers with anti-nazi sentiments. He started selling his machine to government and financial enterprises making his motorised paper shredder company, EBA Maschinenfabrik, the first company to manufacture and sell cross-cut paper shredders.

If knowledge is power, then information is the key. Some people try to get hold of information like this and start trouble. It can be any range from registering for call lists, falsification and even identity theft. At the very least it would be such an inconvenience. At most, it has the potential to ruin you financially. Identity thieves are very methodical. They will go through your trash and most of everything from your home and business and be very thorough. As more and more companies enable their employees to work from home, it is expected that their paperwork would be sent home, too.

Homes and small businesses get their own share of paper for their everyday transactions. Receipts, bank information, scripts, old school documents, any and all paper that might contain information that no-good doers can glean something from.

A small paper shredder can be so much comfort and convenient to have at home. One that can do the most basic of shredding documents to give one peace of mind. Personal and business documents should not be disposed of carelessly. In the age of technology, shredders, too, had an upgrade. Present-day industrial shredders are able to cut non-paper materials such as staples, fabric, magnetic media, plastic and the occasional metal component.

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