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Document Destruction in the Paperless Office: Myths & Realities

It seems like we've been daydreaming about the paperless office for a very long time, in fact it's been four decades at least. However, I am yet to work in one of these places, despite the fact that I've been actively dealing with a variety of offices for decades. Here in Australia, despite COVID-19 sending 50% of us home for months, we still love our offices and have been, in many instances, missing them as the COVID-19 lockdowns turned into months. Many of us are in fact sentimentally looking forward to getting back to work in the office in cities around this nation. I do think that the pandemic has hastened the digital revolution and reduced the amount of paper being used but paperless? No way Renee! And so on this subject, the factor to consider is document destruction in the paperless office: myths and realities abound, but if you've left your office unattended, you may be extremely vulnerable.

Technology Driving the Great Leap Forward in Australia

Is the paperless office an Australian myth in the 21C? Or are Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane businesses embracing the digital revolution and saying bye-bye-bluey to paper? Like most places I think a bit of both is true in Australia in 2020. Technology is acknowledged as the driver of the great leap forward in our country and around the globe. It is, also, much easier to get coffee stains off a digital copy than from paper, in my own experiences. Of course, the reality is that very few offices are genuinely paperless, so if you think they are, and therefore have neglected to put in place a strategy for document destruction of hard copy material, you’re leaving your intellectual property and secrets wide open to theft.

People Still Love Paper in All The Wrong Places

There will always be a need for document destruction paper shredding machines in the same way that Greek kebabs wrap Aussie lamb. The world does not change that much in truth despite all the grandiose claims forever bandied about. Paper has legal currency in Australia and elsewhere around the world. Stuff that you can touch continues to hold the attention of human beings, even in the 21st Century. Some paper is as highly valued as your wedding day photos. However, when it comes to document destruction in the paperless office, the myths and realities remain to be considered on an individual case by case basis.

Intra-web software like Sharepoint can significantly reduce the amount of documentation in your office - and so can really be a progression in the greater scheme. We all love paperless offices when they work but bemoan digital programs and hardware when they stuff up. It can often be a catch 22 situation, where you're caught out at the wrong times with the wrong equipment. There are security issues with both old and new technologies. Therefore, you must be prepared to cope with failures in all situations. Don’t be caught with paper that should have long ago been run into a high-security, class A document, micro cut and cross cut shredder.

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